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The Glory Days RPG's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Glory Days RPG

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Application [04 Aug 2005|09:29pm]
Name: Scott Brian Angierston
Occupation: Works at a publishing house and looks after the kids.
Non-super who knows Thunderhead's true idenity.
rp journal: scott_roomate
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Application [31 Jul 2005|10:23pm]

Real Name: Valerie North
Superhero(or superheroine) name: Blazestone
Super Power: Pyrokenetic Discharge. Heat Control and Heat Resistance.
Secret Identity: Actress
RP Journal: blazestone
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Application [29 Jul 2005|06:24pm]

Real Name: Genevive McCray
Superhero(or superheroine) name: Stratogale
Super Power: Subsonic Flight. Super Strength. Ability to Communicate with Birds.
Secret Identity Zoo volunteer
RP Journal: stratogale
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Psycwave ATTN Apogee [28 Jul 2005|11:29am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Cindy Cross picked up her phone and dialed a certain number, glancing at the clock it was almost eight at night. Cindy waited, mummbling some song lyrics then sighing, "Come on, Aggy. Pick up!"

[ let's get this party started~ >:D ]

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PICTURES [28 Jul 2005|08:38am]

I have screencapped all the supers from the 2nd DVD of "The Incredibles" using Power DVD. You can see the gallery where I uploaded the screencaps:


Feel free to use the caps for icons and whatever, just credit me. OH! And if anyone wants a screencap of their character's profile to use for references, etc., just ask me by commenting here.
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Application [27 Jul 2005|11:10pm]

Wasn't sure if this was supposed to be a comment to the last entry or not, so if it is, I'm REALLY sorry. T_T This is hydrogen, by the way.

Real Name: Agatha Somer
Superhero(or superheroine) name: Apogee
Super Power: Gravity Control. Solar Powered Levitation.
Secret Identity: Secretary for a rather influentual lawyer
RP Journal: _apogee
Sample Entry: Behind the cut!Collapse )

Just a sample. If and when someone claims Gazerbeam, I won't be controlling him like that. XD
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[27 Jul 2005|01:32pm]

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